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The Facebook/Chatroulette episode on "South Park" here.
"While ChatRoulette is now clamping down on nudity, PinkRoulette will have no aversion to any part of the male anatomy (or to the people who admire it), and will be a place to let it all hang out for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike." (April 18, 2010)

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Under control:, May 3, 2010: Is Chatroulette a New Marketing Channel?
Older articles:

Toronto Star on Chatroulette

Is the Chatroullette fun about to come to an end? ( March 11, 2010)
Das Sozioquarium (Tagesspiegel, 14.3. 2010)
"Shock probe into the new Twitter" (News of the World, UK March 14, 2010)

CHATROULETTE: AN INITIAL SURVEY - from "The writers of the Web Ecology Project survey do make some predictions about Chatroulette. They foresee “explicit content probably being outpaced” by users who aren’t there for sex and predict “community celebrities” — mainstream celebrities coming onto Chatroulette, as well as Chatroulette regulars who develop a well-known, easily identifiable personality." (The Wall Street Journal)

And the website of Alex Leavitt (

Alternatives to ChatRoulette:  PopJam HeyPeople   ShufflePeople TinyChat Launches Grouped Version Of Chatroulette PeopleZapping More ChatRoulette Clones
Tricks and growth: According to there were usually no more than 300 people onlineat the same time and it could fairly easily happen to be paired up with people one had already met before. With 20,000 to more than 50,000 people online now this becomes almost impossible. In the beginning it was easy to shock other chatters. But much has now been copied and all too often the same tricks appear again and again. One trick to fool other ChatRouletters uses the free virtual webcam program Manycam. What you have to do is described by KnowYourMeme: “In the Effects tab, go to “Text over video” and untick the “Show logo” box to remove the watermark. On the ChatRoulette website, choose Manycam as your camera, press the Preview button and then press the Allow button in the popup and you should see whatever you have selected in Manycam on ChatRoulette.” And this could also be a useful piece of information: "One very kind Anon wrote a program to make capturing screenshot easier and faster. You can download it here. Run the program and it will appear in your system tray, go to the ChatRoulette website, put your mouse cursor in the top left next to the top cam window and press F2. Now every time you press F2 a screenshot of the selected area is saved in the lulz folder-"
Enrich your vocabulary

social Web site - you are connected through webcams to a random, fathomless succession of strangers from across the globe - thousands of users a day - hit Next and you are confronted with a new stranger - there’s no log in, there’s no registration - "surreal", "addictive" and "frightening - online voyeurs - internet video chats with ­random strangers. - logged in together - talk to each other, type messages, entertain each other - broadcasting explicit videos of themselves online - video chat services - the Web's most addictive site - a new website that brings you face-to-face, via webcam, with an endless stream of random strangers all over the world - chaos and control - there’s no way to manage the experience—to filter users, search for friends, or backtrack and reconnect with someone you chatted with an hour ago - the new hotspot for online users. - peep show - a goldmine for understanding online human behavior - a platform for live, face-to-face conversations with total strangers, with few rules and no guidelines - there's something strangely addictive about ChatRoulette - voyeurism, curiosity, collective boredom – 10,000 people logged on at any given time - stared blankly, skipped ahead - ecstatic surrender to the miraculous variety and abundance of humankind – no-holds-barred – random thrills of Chatroulette – strangers’ webcam – popularity – notoriety – explicit – logged in – all sorts of unsavoury characters .- nudity, sexual activity and strange behaviour - cyberbullying – abuse – explicit videos – perversion and sexual innuendo – nexter – nextee - there are no manners, no compassion, no “do the right thing - surfing through videos of random strangers at an alarming rate – bunch of dicks – guy punishing his weiner – requesting boobs – boobhunt – wiggle – flash their abs – show us your tits – wiggling intensifies – female exhibitionists – video chat -superfreak-fest - normal is the new weird - A Bright Chat Service or Scary Child Predator Magnet? - zany people - perfect law school testing material - Predator's Paradise - disgust and excitement - web craze brings out the creeps - onanism online - everything bad you've ever heard about the Internet -

ChatRoulette - den anarkistiske efterfølger til Facebook og Twitter

"The site had just a handful of visitors at launch, but now boasts more than 10,000 concurrent users at any one time – often rising to 16,000 and beyond." The Guardian Feb 14, 2010. On February 21 - by our own checkup it went above 50,000. On February 24 Chatroulette gave the figure of 344.000 shortly before midnight. +++ le nouveau jeu des internautes ? -

New from Chatroulette: Missed a Connection? Reconnect here!

ChatRoulette stats on Alexa

Good description of the Chatroulette service.

Block explicit sites in your browser

Top 50 Internet Acronyms Parents Need to Know


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South Korea
Raphael from Paris
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Alexey from Moscow.
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Standard user reactions to "an old obese guy eating chips and playing World of Warcraft":

Guy alone: Next.

Guy with friend: Cracked up back slapping laughter, then Next.

Girl alone: Stunned, worried look. Then nice conversation (seriously.)

Girl with friends: Screams, Next.

Penis: No change really. Wiggle on. (Source)

Why this is a pretty unlikely collection of pictures.
On a Jon has produced a funny and pretty precise description of the users of Chatroulette. According to his expercience I, being over 60 and not exactly slim, stand a snowball's chance in hell of surviving on Chatroulette, let alone get into a lengthy conversation with persons like the onmes shown here. (See his classification of user responses on the left.) But it did happen. A really nice and funny chat with a firefighter from Paris, an interesting one with an IT expert from Moscow that was rudely interrupted by Chatroulettes software, a late night exchange with a young Irish actor currently studying in Paris are all part of my experience of the first days on Chatroulette. Others were shorter but I had to explain tio people my Fight Against Pervs project first and make them give it the thumbs up. No mean feat considering the speed with which one is usually nexted.

Surprisingly some conversations with young people started with heaps of abuse and ended in a friendly atmosphere but the more typical reaction you can see in the photographs on the right I often used printed messages which I held into the cam to establish contact and get my point across faster. But these pictures would not have been possible wihout direct verbal exchanges. And that challenging form of communication is what makes Chatroulette so exciting for me. (In spite of the pervs and penises.)



How it works and some stats


Und es geht auch mit Musik...

How to influence people:




Be careful! Don't fall for everything you see on Chatroulette!
You could be chatting with a guy who is feeding you a video
of a "hot" girl and might be taping you at the same time! 


Jon Stewart on ChatRoulette


Video-Interview with the maker of ChatRoulette

And, yes, there are also women on ChatRoulette! 

Nice idea well executed! 


On February 21, 2010 at 03:04 German time Google produced 2.590.000 hits for the query Chatroulette. This webpage - under its old name "" was listed at 176:
At 14:01 Google produced 2.630.000 hits with this page at 110.
On February 21. 2010 at 19:26 Uhr Google offered 3.090.000 hits for Chatroulette. On February 23 at 17:20 the number of hits was 6.280.000

Number of hits on
February 24, 08:52
March 2, 17:58

According to you get blocked for 10 minutes if you use the term "asl" in the text chat (as in the age/sex/location question favoured by gay men in the aol chatrooms of the 90s!) - (It's true!). You can also not use words like "Heil!". But that function seems to have disappeared again.

WARNING: Chatroulette can be addictive

Don't let this happen to you!